Our Services

Transporting cars

We provide 2 service levels - carrying cars by open-type and closed-type trucks

Our open-type transportation is a casual, the most common and cost effective way to ship your car. 
Closed-type transportion service is best option for those who have in mind that their particular/high worth vehicles are exposed to the outside world during transportation. These luxury vehicles would be transported by a trailer that has all sides and top fully covered

Transporting freights

Shipping various freights by our tented semi-trailer trucks all over the whole Europe, Russia, Ukraine and etc


Open-type trucks

Transporting cars/motorcycles

Closed-type trucks
Transporting extraordinary cars/motorcycles
Tented semi-trailer trucks

Shipping various freights

Have special requests? Do not hesitate!

No matter if even it's a high worth Italian or rare Oldtimer car - we'll haul it!


We do our best to fulfill our customers requests - always keeping in mind their needs

We respect our customers' privacy - it is the key criteria for a successful and stable cooperation with our long-term partners. The exceptional loads we get - is the expression of the highest trust for us